Mantra MIS100V2 Single Iris Scanner
Mantra MIS100V2 Single iris scanner is commonly used in identity scanning features where KYC authorization needed. product used on Aadhar Centre, Banking, Hospitals, Security Services . Mantra Mis 100 V2 SINGLE IRIS Scanner: Morpho Single IRIS Scanner is extensively used...
Rs. 5,500.00
Mantra Fingerprint : Mantra Mfs 100 Fingerprint Scanner
About this item Mantra MFS 100 fingerprint sensor is a type of digital security system that uses fingerprints for biometric authentication. The device allows a user access to approve transactions or information. Mantra MFS 100 fingerprint scanner is made up...
Rs. 2,100.00
New L1 Iris Scanner
L-1 iris scanner :  Best iris scanner which is capture a best quality of image. Mathematical pattern recognition techniques are used by this device. Hand handled and rust resist device. IRIS Scanner Brand - L1 Fingerprint Scanner Brand - L-1...
Rs. 9,000.00
StarTek FM220U Single Fingerprint Scanner
Startek FM220U scanner is a very famous brand and has been used for various organizations including NDLM, Apna CSC, Jeevan Pramaan, Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS), VTP. Startek cable is certified for aadhar authentication and is one of the...
Rs. 2,800.00
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Used Green BIT BMT- 20 Aadhar Kit
Used Green BIT BMT- 20 Aadhar kit : Buy Best Aadhar enrollment kit " Used Green BIT BMT - 20" at the market price of 38000. Green BIT BMT-20 UID Aadhar Kit included with Best brand of IRIS Scanner, High...
Rs. 32,000.00
Morpho MSO 1300 E3 Single Fingerprint Scanner Biometric Device
Morpho Mso 1300 E2 uses to compact the biometric USB devices. The fingerprint device is recognized worldwide for its performance and robustness. The fingerprint scanner has been ranked #1 by NIST for accuracy. The device is compatible and can work...
Rs. 2,950.00
Thales CS500f 3M Cogent Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
 Thales CS500f Biometric Fingerprint Scanner : Buy Thales CS500f Fingerprint Scanner supported 10 fingerprints in 4-4-2 format ( Right four fingers, left four fingers, and 2 thumb ). Fingerprint images quality are very high & Capturing image is exceptional. Thales...
Rs. 29,000.00
GreenBit Fingerprint USB 3.0 Cable
GreenBit Fingerprint scanner Cable
Rs. 500.00
L-1 Aadhar Kit
Rs. 26,500.00
L-1 Aadhar Kit
Buy Aadhar kit “L-1 Aadhar Kit ” with included Fingerprint Scanner , high quality Logitech Camera, Iris Scanner and G- Star GPS tracker at the market price of rupees 38000/- only. A unique device for Aadhar card enrollment. Aadhar kit...
Rs. 26,500.00
RealTime T304F Fingerprint Scanner Attendance Machine with Face ID
Product line: Description   Fingerprint RF Card TCP/IP Personal Identity Number USB Disk Access Control Camera Fingerprint Scanner About Realtime T304F Fingerprint & Face ID Scanner: With 3 inch LCD Display, The device works on TCP/IP & Wi-Fi Both Together Face Capacity...
Rs. 9,700.00
CS500e Gemalto Finger Print Scanner with CMITECH BMT-20 Iris Scanner
Gemalto CS500e Fingerprint Scanner : Buy Gemalto CS500e Finger Print scanner, used to Making Aadhar card, is an easy-to-use, user-friendly system. This premium Aadhar card kit scanner captures rolled and flat fingerprints and supports Automatic calibration and table updates. Available...
Rs. 56,500.00
Cogent Fingerprint Scaneer Cable
Cogent Iris Scanner Cable
Rs. 600.00
Guardian 300 reinforces Crossmatch Aadhar Kit
Buy best Aadhar enrollment kit Guardian 300 reinforces Crossmatch Aadhar Kit at the best market price. Including Guardian 300 reinforces finger scanner device with Crossmatch Iris Scanner is frequently used by service provider. Guardian 300 reinforces finger scanner is use in authentication,...
Rs. 22,000.00
Crossmatch Guardian Fingerprint scanner Device
  Crossmatch Guardian Fingerprint Scanner : Buy Crossmatch Guardian Fingerprint Scanner at the best market price of 36000/- only. Crossmatch Guardian Fingerprint Scanner device is frequently uses in authentication , identification and verification function. Connected with USB 2.0 . Supporting...
Rs. 35,999.00
Aratek A600 fingerprint scanner
Aratek A600 fingerprint scanner provides you the superior image quality in comparison to other various products available in the market. It is primarily known as the payment device that is used to make payments for various kinds of things. The...
Rs. 2,900.00
Suprema BioMini Plus 2
Suprema Biominin plus 2 is designed to provide you with a high level of security and reliability against any unsafe invasion. But Biomini plus 2 can only work if the operator has software (IdentaMaster) or implement SDK from Suprema Inc....
Rs. 5,000.00
Realtime RS 405 Aadhar Attendance Device
Realtime RS 405 Aadhar Based Biometric Attendance Machine is a fingerprint scanner that comes with a battery life of four to 8 hours depending on the use of the product. It can scan the fingerprint more effectively and efficiently. You...
Rs. 13,500.00
Cogent CSD 200 Fingerprint Scanner
The CSD 200 is a single-digit optical fingerprint scanner with an advanced optical system that enhances ambient light rejection. Powered by USB 2.0, the connection allows for easy integration with new or existing applications while eliminating excess cables and the...
Rs. 2,200.00
Thales Cogent with CMITECH BMT20 Delta Iris
The Thales Cogent with delta Iris driver supports multimodal processing, editing, searching, and storing of fingerprint, palm print, latent, facial, and iris data. It is easy to use and has a flexible integration. The Cogent Multifinger Scanner CS500f offers a...
Rs. 56,500.00
Morpho Aadhaar Fingerprint Scanner with Iritech dual Iris scanner
Aadhar Fingerprint Scanner : Fingerprint scanner for aadhar is designed for registration and verification and requires 4 fingerprints simultaneously.  The fingerprint device is used for fingerprints capture for travel and identity documents, voting, social benefits or as a part of...
Rs. 25,000.00
Suprema 4G RealScan 10 Uid Aadhar Kit
Suprema Real Scan Fingerprint Scanners capture forensic-quality images in a fast, secure, and easy way. Fingerprint Scanner for Aadhaar  has an advanced optical Scanner system to capture quality fingerprints from stained, marked, or dark fingers.   Check Out :- MANTRA...
Rs. 32,000.00
Crossmatch Fingerprint Scanner
The cross-match fingerprint scanner is one of the best reliable scanners that is being trusted all over the world. IT has the capacity that it can scan all the fingers of one hand simultaneously. It is a qualitative product and...
Rs. 30,000.00

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