Morpho MSO 1300 E3 Single Fingerprint Scanner
Morpho Mso 1300 E3 uses to compact the biometric USB devices. The fingerprint device is recognized worldwide for its performance and robustness. The fingerprint scanner has been ranked #1 by NIST for accuracy. Morpho Mso 1300 E3 : Morpho Mso...
Rs. 3,150.00
Morpho Aadhar Kit Finger Scanner Cable
The Morpho aadhar kit is a scanner cable famous for scanning various things so far. The scanner is a micro USB type that comes in black color. It gives you more than 1 meter of length in order to attach...
Rs. 500.00
Morpho Aadhaar Fingerprint Scanner with Iritech dual Iris scanner
Aadhar Fingerprint Scanner : Fingerprint scanner for aadhar is designed for registration and verification and requires 4 fingerprints simultaneously.  The fingerprint device is used for fingerprints capture for travel and identity documents, voting, social benefits or as a part of...
Rs. 25,500.00
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